Floating Otter

Team Role : Developer, Designer


Floating Otter is a 3D casual single player game in which the player takes on the role of a sea otter as it goes about its daily activities of feeding, cleaning and sleeping in the water. The game reflects the sea otter’s cute habits through different interactions and actions.

Story Design

The Ordinary World + A Call to Adventure + Meet the Enlightened Teacher

A wandering Tom rescues a stranded old turtle that has been washed up on the shore by the waves during his travels. The old turtle, from the Arras Deep, shares with Tom what he has seen out in the sea and gives him a travel handbook. Tired of the comfortable life in the harbour, the sea otter decides to venture out to the Arras Deep.

Challenges + Get help + Enemies + Approaching destination

Tom meets Jerry the Seabird on the mangrove coast. The two make a pact to help each other on their adventures together. The local sea otter on the mangrove coast has also never been to the deep sea and hopes that Tom will bring back what is going on there.

Tom and Jerry make their way through the maze of islands and meet the local sea otter colony. Spike, the leader of the colony, tells Tom that the reef waters ahead are overrun with sea urchins and the ecological balance is in danger, so a team of sea otters is needed to rescue them.

After meeting up with rescue team leader Spade, they solve the ecological crisis in the coral reef waters. Tom and his party continued on to the glacier, the last piece of water before the Arras Deep.

The glacier’s waters are bitterly cold and Tom and Jerry must cross the glacier quickly or they will be in danger. Eventually Tom gets a way through the glacier and after struggling a lot, Tom crosses the glacier and arrives at the Arras Ocean.

The final challenge + commendation + Returning with a full house

Tom was fascinated by the beautiful scenery and the diversity of species before him. After some interaction with them, Tom met an old sea turtle and shared stories with him along the way. At the end of the day, Tom found the local sea otter colony in the Arras Deep. After passing the ultimate test given to him by the local sea otter colony, Tom set off on his journey home. Tom grew up and grew strong, becoming an object of worship for the younger generation of sea otters in the harbour.

Game Play

The player controls the otter’s movement with the arrow keys, the Shift key position controls the  otter’s sprint, and the space bar controls the otter’s dive or float (both sprint and dive cost energy)

Otter Basic Movement

Sprint and Dive Cost Energy

Otter can grab objects and knock or eat food

Otter body will be dirty after eating, players can clean the dirt by seaweed

Sleeping in the seaweed at night allows you to grow up in order to reach the higher waves

Get the golden shell and pass the level

Level Design

We Design four scenes with different seasons

We designed different eggs and gameplay in each scene

Collect all the fruits to unlock the statue

Holding hands with a lone otter to get a urchin

Labyrinth under the ice

Golden Shells

In the levels, we guide the player through the correct route to follow by the position of the waves and animals. In addition, the whole scene makes the player walk in a circle. In order to prevent the route from forming a closed loop, the exit of the level is designed in the top right corner of the scene instead of on the right side.

Map Design Draft

We used waves of different levels to divide the game scene and reflect the player's growth, allowing the player to climb higher waves to explore more areas of the sea as they grew in ability.

Higher waves require older otter to ascend. Players attempting to climb waves beyond their ability will be prompted to sleep to grow up.

The Whole Content Design table

Clear the relation of Character, Background, Scene and Levels

Program frame design

Player Interect Frame

Player interaction logic consists of three layers: animation layer, state layer, and numerical layer

Waterfall Effect Algorithm

There is no gravity operation, so the program adjusts the position of two similar triangles to achieve the effect of the player crossing the waterfall

Otter Skin

Shader script to achieve the sea otter skin dirty, grow up the effect