Team Role : Developer, Designer


This is a 2D local two-player game where players can choose different characters and play with their friends in different maps. The characters have unique skills and backstories. In addition, each map has its own unique elements.


In the game, players need to score points by pushing enemies while keeping their character stable, and the first player to score three points wins.

Game Play

The total time for each game will be shown at the top of the screen, with both players’ skill CDs on either side of the total time. The first player fallen three times in each game loses, and each player’s fall count is shown on both sides of the screen. There are different elements on different maps, the current element shown is the laser and the player who hits the laser is counted as having fallen once.

The player uses the arrow keys up and down for left and right hand punching, and the arrow keys forward and back to control the forward and backward lean of the character.

Screenshot of both sides hitting and dodging in the game

Each character has their own unique skills, press F or Enter to use their skills

(Rabbit skill is launching missiles)


Push Hand Game

Pushing hands is a game that children love to play, so our team wanted to incorporate the mechanics of pushing hands into the video game, but the mechanics of pushing hands alone could not make the video game achieve the joyful effect of pushing hands in reality.

Balloon Man

Later, we thought of incorporating the balloon man ( in front of the store ) into the game. The balloon man is very comic when he is swinging in the air, so we decided to integrate these two elements into the game.

Characters Design

In order to increase the richness of the game, we set unique skills and character backgrounds for each character, players can play the game to unlock the unique story eggs of each character.

Besides, each character has their own special skill to help them win the battle!

Spade Dog:He wanted to appear as cool as possible so he wore sunglasses and a tie, but underneath his cool exterior was a gentle heart.

Pencil Boy: He stands up for justice and is always willing to help whenever people need it.

Chewing Gum: He is very passionate about boxing, he works very hard and hopes to get his own gold belt one day.

Bomb Rabbit: She is a sunny and sweet bunny who likes to giggle, and her favourite thing is the precious carrot basket behind her.

Lucky Cat: She is an elegant lady. Lucjy Cat has a small garden full of marigolds and catnip

Scene Design

We have designed three maps with different themes in order to increase the fun of the game, each with its own unique elements

Playground with dynamic background

The dynamic pot spoon in the hotpot map will hammer you away

Hotpot map, there are constantly harassing you pot spoon

In the mechanical map, there are lasers that can hurt you


Background Blur effect

Shader script through gaussian fuzzy algorithm to achieve the fuzzy effect when the game is suspended

Soft effects for characters

The linear rigid body achieves the soft effect of the figure like the balloon man

Our Team

We design our team cartoon portraits

After several months online collaboration, we meet together at the exhibition finally


Our game was invited to participate in the China University Game Works Exhibition, and the small gifts we prepared were snatched up in half a day at the exhibition as the players were so enthusiastic…

The CEO of HyperGryph Company is playing our game