Lose Sight

Developed By Myself


This is a third-person single-player plot game that tells the story of a blind man. The player takes on the role of the blind man to complete his daily life and the story of the family with the little girl.



I also wanted the game to give the player the experience of being blind and identifying objects through sound and touch, and to create empathy for the blind community.


We all know that blind people are a vulnerable group in life, but we seldom care about the lives of these blind people. So I want to present the world of blind people through a game so that players can empathize with blind people through the game and increase their concern for them.





About how to present the world of the blind I made a lot of attempts, and finally decided to use the third-person way to show. Players do not lose visual information like other blind people experiencing the game, which I think will be very difficult for players to play so that they do not want to play.

The left picture above is taken from the game “See”, which also tries to let players experience blindness. However, when I played this game I did not want to continue halfway through because the lack of visual information in the game led to low playability. Therefore, instead of depriving the player of visual information to experience blindness, this game conveys the feeling of blindness to the player through the darkness where only the main character has lights beside him (like the right picture).


Blind people identify objects by touching them and the sounds that the objects make, so I designed to simulate the process of object identification through 3D puzzles and sound effects when searching for objects and rotating them.

On the street, blind people walk through blind lanes and use the source of sound to determine if there are pedestrians or obstacles ahead. Therefore, I designed the sound parkour game to simulate the process of walking for the blind.