Team Role : Developer, Designer

The game is a work in progress


This is a 2D stealth game where the player needs to use hiders and bubble gum to escape from the monsters to pass the level. The player takes on the role of a young boy with a frog hood who likes to eat all kinds of munchies and bubble gum. One night, the protagonist enters a magical dream world. In the dream, the protagonist’s favourite munchies turn into various monsters. The protagonist needs to escape from the dream by hiding from the monsters and blowing bubble gum…


Players take out bubble gum at the bubble gum machine and blowing large bubble gum allows players to fly through the air.

The game features three types of bubble gum: normal orange bubble gum, which nullifies monsters when it explodes; long-lasting blue bubble gum, which can fly through the air for a longer period of time; special pink bubble gum, which attracts the attention of monsters when it explodes.

For different bubble gum, we have designed different styles of bubble hall machines and corresponding UI icons

We have designed the clouds as dodges in which players can hide from monster patrols.

Desgin Part

Monsters Design

Crystal-sugar: Sneezes and fires long-range attacks at players.
Tomato: Normally frozen, when awakened by the player it will defrost and attack the player.
Oyster: patrols the air and sneezes at the player when spotted.
Grilled Gluten: patrols back and forth and will swell itself to attack the player when spotted.

Monsters Logic Design Drafts

Monster State Machine

Oyster monster program test
Scenic architectural design: A combination of Chinese and Japanese food culture to create three different types of food stall styles and scenic backdrops

Level Design

General Level Design

Some specific level designs