Party Planets

Team Role : Leader, Developer, Designer


Party Planets is a four player online party game where players take on the roles of either Human or Reaper. Humans will need to hide from the Reapers and bring the planet back to life. The Reaper need to stop the humans from restoring the planet and capture all humans.

Game Play

We have two roles in the game : Human and Death

Each game has three human players and one death player. Human aims to relive a certain number of planets, death aims to capture all human and avoid they reliving planets.

Choose Character in Room
Human can relive the planet by surrounding the whole planet
(Different characters can relive different plants)
Death can destroy human’s relive planets and capture humans in prison
Humans can break prison by passing by prison three times
Humans win when they relive a certain number of planets, Death win when he capture all humans
The goal of Human or Death are shown on the top of the screen
Winner and MVP of the game will be shown after each game
Player can review their scores in the end


Planets Transition and Gravity

The idea for the game comes from the interesting physics of the universe: the transition and gravity between the stars, and the cycle of decay and rebirth.

The cycle of Decay and Rebirth



Thus, the two main mechanics of the game: planet occupation and catapult transition between planets are formed.


Different Planet Themes

To improve game experiences we create several planet themes.

Iterative process

We conducted three player tests and made several iterations from player feedback

Cute and Joyful
Problem: Too many details, the hierarchical distinction is not obvious, the contrast between life and death of the planet is not strong

Aesthetic and Simplicity
Improve: Increase contrast and simplify planets
Problem: Dark background and dead stars lead to a weaker feeling of party game

Aesthetic , Simple and Active
Improve: Increase the tail flame, brighten the tone, more lively, increase the sense of party game


At the beginning we built the white box game in Unity3D to test the playability of the gameplay

We used the photon2 plugin to build the network protocol and two main problems were conquered in the development process:


RPC Protocol

Information desynchronization of clients: Global broadcast through RPC protocol, all clients synchronize the first received global broadcast, by this way to ensure the synchronization of client state.

Smooth interpolation

Player position jitter caused by network latency: Smooth interpolation is calculated locally to mitigate the image jitter caused by latency.


The game was exhibited at the China University Student Artwork Exhibition and received positive reviews and recognition from players.