Pieces of my life

Recently Photograph
A night running organized by our company !

Nov 2021. Back to Seasun Game Company, Our group has some little cute cats !

(We are developing a game about cat = =)

Sep 2021. Drive with my friends and have a rest…

July 2021. When I worked at Seasun Game Company, I always walked through the road with the enjoyable blue ocean…

Due to the epidemic, I could not go to Auckland, so I had to carry out online cooperation with my partners for half a year



Behind me are the players of my game # – #


The CEO of HyperGryph Company is playing my another exhibited work
= + =

July 2021. Two of my games were invited to the exhibition, I felt amazing that my games could take fun and happiness to so many players.


A game anchor is playing my game and his channel has over 5 million followers (Hope he can enjoy it = =)

Feb 2021. Lockdown in home, I took the picture from the window and saved it.

I felt it look good = =


Jun 2021. Happy end for my 2021 Global Gamejam !


Dec 2020. Feel local slow life in Yangzhou City

Aug 2020. Got my CIGA Gamejam Card and feel happy to meet many friends !

We had a nice collaboration even we just worked together online.