Shanhai Jing – The depths of the cloud

Team Role : Leader, Developer, Designer

The game is a work in progress


This is a 2D side-scrolling two-player co-operative adventure game. The two protagonists meet through a timeline centuries apart and join forces to seal the four divine beasts. In the game players use time differences with each other and the scrolls to decipher the game and cooperate with each other to defeat the monsters in the Shan Hai Jing.


The two players are separated by a scroller, the left and right sides of the scroller represent different time periods, by pushing the scroller the terrain can be switched to a different time state.

In the game, we incorporate elements of the Chinese zodiac from Chinese culture and decipher them through matching. In the second level, we use rollers and light reflection and refraction for the decryption design.

We have used the concept of temporal interlacing to create a number of decryption designs, for example, taking a seed in the past and burying it in the ground, and by pushing the roller pulling it into the future and making the seed grow into a large tree. A sketch of this design is shown below:

Music Part

Using cubase to create audio sounds, BGM and some mixing effects.

For the different levels and stages of the game I needed to create different rhythmic sound effects, for example a fast paced soundtrack to heighten the tension of the boss level.

Monster Design


Qingyuan’s Shanhaijing records that “its shape is like that of a bee, and it is as big as a mandarin duck”

It is summoned from a void hole and rushes towards the player, who needs to use magic stones to destroy or avoid it.


Guo Mountain – its birds are full of fables, resembling rats with bird’s wings, and its sound is like that of a sheep, which can defend the army.

Shake down stalagmites in the cave by screaming to attack the player. Players need to use light to destroy it.


《大荒东经》records that the Land of the Little People is beyond the Eastern Sea, in the middle of the Great Wilderness, next to the Land of the Great People, also known as the Jing People, who are only about nine inches long and tall, but have the same form, face and limbs as normal people.


Jing people bursts out of the void and attacks the player through the feathers on its body. Players need to work with each other to kill it.

Boss’s design sketches

The Four Divine Beasts of the Shanhai Jing: (梼杌)Taowu, (穷奇)Qiong Qi, (饕餮)Taotie and (混沌)Chaos

They have the power :Shake mountains, Swallow fire, Manipulate time and space, Turn the world around respectively.

At the end of each level of the game, the player needs to defeat these bosses and seal them back into the Shanhai Jing.

Tao Wu
Qiong Qi
Tao Tie